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Rochester Community Yoga is a project aimed at making yoga truly accessible to the entire Rochester Community. Rochester Community Yoga invites you  to give yoga as you live yoga.  Interested in learning more about yoga service in Rochester?   Check out the Rochester Yoga Service Network Blog.

Improving Rochester's Wellness One Down Dog at a Time.​​​​


News, Updates, and Events

Give Yoga: RCY merges with RYSN

September 11, 2014

Jenn is thrilled to announce that RCY will be joining forces with a newly formed entity in town - Rochester Yoga Service Network.  Directly in line wi...

Save the Date: Rochester Yoga Service Network Retr...

October 23, 2014

Interested in learning more about yoga service in Rochester?  Join the Rochester Yoga Service Network for their Spring Retreat Sunday, 3/15/15, time T...

Opportunities to Live Yoga

April 28, 2014

RCY's founder, Jenn Kelly, has been hired to teach yoga at Breathe Yoga and Juice Bar.  With the opening of Breathe's 5th location at Collegetown, Jen...

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